Age 6-7

Original American Summer School

WOW MINI is a very unique program at WOW and also an unparalleled program in China. All the courses content for WOW MINI is extracted and modified from WOW KID and WOW TEEN’s curriculum. Instead of purely having fun, WOW MINI would also be soaked in professional world, learning through experiencing.

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    • Wow summer school encourages students to explore a wide range of subjects to help them find their strengths and interests. Compared with other summer camps, children have more choices (more than 30 courses and activities) and own access to authentic American summer school courses. All the courses of WOW Mini have been developed for more than 10 months and are suitable for age 6-7.

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    • A day at WOW is full of fun and excitement. It has two study periods in the morning and afternoon, day activities, and evening events. The brand new summer school format, equipped with a professional photography team, gives children an unforgettable experience.
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    • Wow leads a dynamic teaching team, including the star teachers of the top summer schools in the United States, Harvard excellent students, and industry elites. Passionate teachers will participate in all aspects of children's life at WOW, inspiring and encouraging children all the time.